Writing Groups

Writing Therapy Group

Where: The Oast Theatre Lounge

When: Every Monday 1.30-3pm (except during schoolholidays).

Next meeting: Starting SEPT 2021

Cost: £10 per session.

Quick summary: A friendly group for all stages of writer, including those who wish to be one! All types of writing encouraged from poetry, personal journals, memoirs andshort stories to non-fiction books and articles.

You will...

- Learn about the therapeutic benefits of writing.

- Be given writing exercises and challenges to complete during the session.

- Be given support and encouragement for your work, and your personal writing journey.

- Have the opportunity to read out your work if you choose to.

Please bring a pen and notebook or phone/ tablet/ laptop; and examples of your work to share with the group (optional).

If you are interested in joining this group, please email Sarah at crockford.writing@gmail.com 

Script Buddies

New for September on Zoom!

For beginners who want to learn how to write scripts - film, TV, radio and theatre.

Wednesdays 10.30-midday.

More details soon...

Hildenborough Library Creative Writing Group

Where: Hildenborough Library

When: The second Thursday of each month, 10am - 11.30am.

Next meeting: Hopefully restarting SEPT 2021

Cost: No charge.

Quick summary: A chance to learn about writing flash fiction and short stories, and share your work with others. 

You will...

- Learn how to write flash fiction and short stories.

- Complete writing exercises during the session to help you find ideas.

- Read out your stories (optional), to help you develop confidence about your writing.

- Be given homework at the end of each session, to encourage you to practise at home.

- Chat to others about their writing experiences.

Please bring a pen and a notebook.

If you're interested, please email Sarah (who will be running the group) at crockford.writing@gmail.com, or pop into Hildenborough library and speak to Michael Kent. (The library will hopefully be reopening in JULY 2021).

Writing Information

For all you budding writers out there, I plan to produce a few 'quick guides' to get you started. The first two are below.

- The Hammond House International Literary Prize 2021 is now open for submission, and closes in September. I will be part of the judging team for the scripts again this year. You can now enter theatre and radio scripts, but if you fancy having a go at writing a short film, and have never tried writing a script, you can read the 'quick guide to screenwriting basics'.

- If you enjoy writing short stories or non-fiction articles, and wondered how to get them into a magazine, have a look at the 'quick guide to writing for magazines'.

I'm now on Hammond House Writers, so if you have a question about writing, or want to be part of a writing community, pop over to the site and register!

A Quick Guide to Screenwriting Basics.pdf A Quick Guide to Screenwriting Basics.pdf
Size : 186.046 Kb
Type : pdf
A quick guide to writing for magazines.pdf A quick guide to writing for magazines.pdf
Size : 148.938 Kb
Type : pdf

BBC Radio Upload

Do you enjoy creative writing, and have penned poems, short stories, sketches or audio dramas? Want to hear them on the radio? BBC Upload is a fantastic opportunity for anybody with a bit of creative passion to get themselves on the airwaves. 

Visit the BBC Upload site for more information.

BBC Radio Kent Upload

Radio Kent Upload is a great opportunity to get your work heard throughout the local area. It's on every weekday night between 9 and 10pm, hosted by the irrepressible Leo Ulph.