Dog Training and Behaviour

Links to local dog businesses

Although I've done my best to ensure these trainers and businesses work in a reward-based training way (i.e. avoiding aversive punishment and harsh methods), please do your own research into their services, methods and techniques. As with anything in life, if you aren't happy with the way you or your dog are being treated, you have the option to walk away and choose someone else. If you think I should no longer advertise a particular trainer etc, please get in touch. I cannot be held responsible for the quality of the services offered.

Do you have a local dog business (in the Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks areas) and want to be included? Please get in touch.

Local Trainers

Sarah Wilson, Happy Tails Dog Training. Bidborough. 07795 336889 

Sandra Giles, Colliewobbles. Tonbridge. 07941 011943

Mark and Gill Beeching, Beeching Animal Behaviour Consultancy. 07563 525 749

Louise Ince, Canine Performers - Heelwork to Music. 01322 668955

Mandy Collins, Dog Be Praised, IMDT member, Tonbridge

Local Groomers

The Dogroom, Hildenborough. 01732 833 868

The Jolly Groomer, in Jolleys Pet Store, 01732497179

Bark and Brush, 136 Tonbridge Highstreet, 01732 366685 

Local Dog walkers/ sitters

Carolyn Gordon. Waggatails. Langton Green. 07763 216139

Emma McDonald. Scamper and Pamper. Hildenborough/ Tonbridge. 07734 859737

Local secure fields to hire

The Acres, Hildenborough, book online

Igtham Dog Paddock, book online

Dog Walking Field, Frant/ Wadhurst area, contact for more details

Local Pet shops

Wolfit, Tonbridge Highstreet and Tunbridge Wells,

Jolleys, Tonbridge industrial site,

Internet Resources

There's so much available on the web, it's sometimes hard to know where to look. Here are the ones I recommend.

Kikopup is a YouTube channel by American dog trainer Emily Larlham. Full of fun training videos, including common behaviour issues. (USA)

Zak George

Another great YouTube channel to subscribe to! Zak is very enthusiastic, and always strives for the best for the dogs he's training.

Dr Ian Dunbar 

Free puppy books available at

For online courses

Victoria Stilwell
Best known for her series 'It's Me or the Dog', her website is packed with brilliant information.  (USA)

For her training courses check out

Gwen Bailey
Dog trainer and behaviourist Gwen Bailey has developed a website full of fantastic information.

Puppy School

Trusted puppy trainers and useful online vids

Other useful sites:

The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors

The Kennel Club

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (UK)

The Dogs Trust

The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

The Animal Behaviour and Training Council

Books - recommended reading

Barking Up the Right Tree - Dr Ian Dunbar

Do No Harm Dog Training - Linda Michaels

The Other End of the Lead - Patricia McConnell

Don't Shoot the Dog - Karen Pryor

The Culture Clash - Jean Donaldson

Inside of a Dog - Alexandra Horowitz

Clever Dog - Sarah Whitehead

Behavior Adjustment Training - Grisha Stewart

Cat Behaviour

Links and book recommendations coming soon!

Horse Training and Behaviour

Links and book recommendations coming soon!