Pet Behaviourist

Consultations and classes

Phone consultations

One-to-one consultations and training

Dog training classes at Leigh village hall, and Tonbridge


Help! My Dog Has Issues

How to Cope with your Puppy

Quick guides - including 'leave'

YouTube videos




Help! My Dog Has Issues: How to understand your dog, and find solutions to their problem behaviours

How to Cope with your Puppy: A guide to the behaviour and training of puppies and young dogs

Writing Therapy: A beginner's guide to the benefits of journaling and creative writing

Run or Love - a rom-com novel about live, love and positive thinking disasters

How to Create a Love Triangle - a rom-com novella about misunderstandings, and keeping your dreams alive

Other writing

Comedy shorts for BBC Radio Kent

Drama podcasts for Hawk and Cleaver

Winner of the 2018 Hammond House International Literary Prize - screenplay category

Judge for the Hammond House Prize - scriptwriting category

Article about journal writing in People's Friend

Quick guide: How to Cope with Agoraphobia

Writing Workshops

A monthly scriptwriting zoom workshop

Two monthly creative writing sessions at Hildenborough Library - the Novel Support Group; and the Creative Writing Group

Video masterclasses on Hammond House Writers