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For all you budding writers out there, I plan to produce a few 'quick guides' to get you started. The first one is about screenwriting.

The Hammond House International Literary Prize 2020 has now closed for submissions, and I will be assisting in the judging process. But if you fancy having a go for the competition in 2021 (details will be released in February), and have never tried writing a script, here's how to make a start...

A Quick Guide to Screenwriting Basics.pdf A Quick Guide to Screenwriting Basics.pdf
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How to Cope with your Puppy or Young Dog: 

a short guide to their behaviour and training.

Available as a Kindle ebook, via Amazon.co.uk.

Click this link to see details on Amazon.

Living with a puppy or young dog can be a rewarding and exciting time; it can also be full of anxiety and stress. This short guide covers information on general behaviour, and how early training and careful management can prevent common behaviour issues developing.

Help! My Dog Has Issues

Available from Amazon.co.uk as a paperback or eBook.

Click this link to see details on Amazon.

'Help! My Dog Has Issues' will help you to... work out why your dog behaves they way they do, realise how your own actions and thoughts can influence them, and then help you to find ways to improve their behaviour.

This book is split into three parts:

- Understanding Our Dogs

- Understanding Ourselves

- Finding Solutions

Chapters include:

- Assessing issues and preparing for change

- Unconscious rules

- The fundamentals of training

Run or Love

Run or Love is a romantic comedy novel being released in parts on Kindle.

'Suzanna has spent her life trying really hard to be perfect, and to stay in control of her life. But as her marriage falls apart, she meets her match in Freddie, who is looking to her to help him overcome PTSD and depression.

As they both struggle to learn what they truly want from life, romance begins to blossom, but it was never going to be easy...'

Part 1: Looking for Signs

Available on Amazon.co.uk as an ebook (short reads).

Click this link to see details on Amazon.

'Part1 introduces Suzanna, a failing life coach desperate to succeed; and Freddie, who yearns to resume normal life but is suffering from PTSD and depression.'

Part 2: Taking Risks

Available now on Amazon.co.uk as an ebook.

Click this link to see details on Amazon.

'In 'Part 2, Suzanna has become Freddie's therapist as part of a TV show. Neither of them are happy with the situation, until they begin to realise they enjoy each other's company. But the way forward is full of difficulties.'

Part 3: Stepping into Trouble

Available now on Amazon.co.uk as a Kindle ebook.

Click this link to see details on Amazon.

'In part 3, Suzanna and Freddie arrive at the therapy retreat, for a week of challenges. But as soon as Suzanna finds out they're camping, she wants to quit. Freddie struggles on, and really needs Suzanna's help - but can she help him, when she's under so much pressure herself?'

Part 4: Facing Fears

Available now on Amazon.co.uk as a Kindle ebook.

Click this link to see details on Amazon.

'Finally realising there is more to their relationship than therapist and client, Suzanna and Freddie begin to get closer. But with Suzanna's troubles catching up with her, she's faced with a difficult dilemma.'


Burning Love

by Sarah Crockford

"Mercy’s deadly obsessions are born from a challenging youth, and will end in flames."

This short story has been produced as a podcast by Hawk and Cleaver, who specialize in horror, science fiction and thriller stories. Click this link to listen to Burning Love, or find out more on the Hawk and Cleaver website.

Please be aware that 'Burning Love' is not really for family listening, or for those with a nervous disposition...

Creative Writing Groups

Please note - both creative writing groups have been postponed until further notice.

Sarah's Writing Therapy Group

Where: The Oast Theatre Lounge

When: Every Monday 1.30-3pm (except during school Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays).

Next meeting: POSTPONED

Cost: £10 per session.

Quick summary: A friendly group for all stages of writer, including those who wish to be one! All types of writing encouraged from poetry, personal journals and short stories to non-fiction, novels and scripts. Tea/ coffee provided.

You will...

- Learn about the therapeutic benefits of writing.

- Be given writing exercises and challenges to complete during the session.

- Be given support and encouragement for your work, and your personal writing journey.

- Have the opportunity to read out your work if you choose to.

Please bring a pen and notebook or phone/ tablet/ laptop; and examples of your work to share with the group (optional).

If you are interested in joining this group, please email Sarah at crockford.writing@gmail.com 

Hildenborough Library Creative Writing Group

Where: Hildenborough Library

When: The second Thursday of each month, 10am - 11.30am.

Next meeting: POSTPONED

Cost: No charge.

Quick summary: A chance to learn about writing flash fiction and short stories, and share your work with others. There's even tea/ coffee and biscuits provided!

You will...

- Learn how to write flash fiction and short stories.

- Complete writing exercises during the meeting to help you find ideas.

- Read out your stories (optional), to help you develop confidence about your writing.

- Be given homework at the end of each session, to encourage you to practise at home.

- Chat to others about their writing experiences.

- Find out about competitions where you can send your finished stories.

Please bring a pen and a notebook.

If you're interested, please email Sarah (who will be running the group) at crockford.writing@gmail.com, or pop into Hildenborough library and speak to Michael Kent.

Other Writing Projects

The Bargain

This is a short film written by Sarah Crockford; winner of the 2018 Hammond House International Literary Prize (screenplay category). It was filmed by Hammond House in January 2020, and premiered at their Literary Festival at the University Centre Grimsby on February 5th. The Bargain will be submitted to the Aesthetica Film Festival later in 2020.

The teaser trailer can be viewed on YouTube.*

The Bargain is a horror/ psychological thriller - Life is falling apart for Kevin, and he's suddenly unable to talk his way out of trouble. With his secrets revealed, he loses everything. A mysterious woman offers him refuge, but he's soon in mortal danger, and prepared to do anything to stay alive.

*(You can click the link above. Or, if you're searching for it within YouTube, please select the one posted by Billboard TV, as there are other 'The Bargain' trailers on there!)