Pet Behaviour - Phone Consultations

Behaviour Consultation

If your dog has behaviour issues you will need to book a phone behaviour consultation before you begin practical training.

These sessions are also an ideal substitute for face-to-face training if you live outside of Sarah's normal working area, or cannot meet due to Covid.

If your pet has had a sudden change in behaviour, or it involves aggression, please have a chat with your vet first to make sure there isn't an underlying health issue.

You will need to fill out and send back (via email or post) the behaviour consultation form (see below) before the session.

These sessions are also available for feline and equine behaviour issues.

All behaviour issues can be covered; and individually-tailored advice will be given to help you improve your pet's behaviour.

Please contact Sarah for details.

You will need to fill out a consultation form before the session (the canine form can be found below, please email Sarah for the feline and equine forms).

Behaviour phone consultations are 1 hr and cost £40 (payable by cheque in the post or bank transfer).

If you would like to receive a written behaviour report and training plan, this will be an additional £40.

Dog Training - Phone Consultations

Training Advice

These phone sessions are an ideal substitute for practical training if you live outside Sarah's normal working area, or if you cannot meet due to Covid. These sessions can be on Zoom if you wish to actively train your dog during the conversation.

All aspects of training covered from aggression and anxiety, to compulsive behaviours and inattention. Please contact Sarah for details.

You will need to fill in a registration form (see below).

Pre-puppy/ new puppy Planning

If you are planning to get a puppy, or have a new puppy that is not fully vaccinated and you live outside Sarah's normal working area, then these phone consultations will give you the advice and peace of mind you're after.

If you already have your puppy, you will need to fill in the registration form, and email or post it to Sarah, before your consultation.

Cost and details

All phone consultations are 1hr long, and cost £40, payable by cheque in the post or by bank transfer.

For more information, and to book your consultation, please contact Sarah.

Face-to-face Behaviour and Training Sessions

Please note that all sessions are outdoor only at the moment, except for a limited number of issues that need to be worked on inside (in which case face coverings need to be worn).

If you need help with indoor issues, or live outside Sarah's normal working area, or cannot meet face-to-face because of Covid, please see the option for phone consultations above.

Behaviour consultations

You will be required to have completed a phone consultation before undertaking these practical training sessions.

Sessions are based on understanding why your pet is behaving the way they are, and finding solutions that work for both of you. Sarah will be training you, rather than your pet.

Dog behaviour sessions will include practical training, depending on the issues presented. However, there is no practical training element for equine or feline behaviour sessions.

If there has been a sudden change of behaviour, or if it involves aggression, it is recommended that you get your pet checked by your vet first, to make sure there isn't an underlying medical issue.

Please note that Sarah's 'working area' is Tonbridge/ Hildenborough. If you live further away, meetings can take place at a park in these areas (or another suitable location).

One-to-one Dog Training

Please note that Sarah's 'working area' is Tonbridge/ Hildenborough. If you live further away, meetings can take place at a park in these areas (for puppies who are fully vaccinated and allowed out). Or you can book phone/Zoom training advice (see above).

Training will be outdoors wherever possible, and social distancing rules will apply. If training has to be done indoors, face coverings (eg a visor) will need to be worn, and windows/ doors will need to be open. If a face-to-face session cannot go ahead due to Covid, you can change it to a phone/Zoom session (see above).

If your dog has a sudden change in behaviour, or it involves aggression, please get a check up with your vet first, to rule out underlying health issues.

You will need to fill out a registration form, and hand it to Sarah at the beginning of your session (or email it to her in advance).

New puppies:

From the day they come home, to five months of age.

Covering all the common puppy issues including toileting, biting, jumping up, chewing, sleeping at night, coping alone etc.


From 6 months to 18 months.

Covering everything from teenage tantrums and inattention to impulsivity and disobedience... plus dealing with any behaviour issues that have emerged.

If you have a friend with a dog of a similar age, you can share the cost of the session.

Adult dogs:

Basic obedience training, coping with distractions, and anything else you want to cover...

Whether your dog has issues with anxiety, aggression, separation, attention seeking, destructive behaviour, lack of self-control, pulling on the lead, jumping up, biting ... please contact Sarah for details about what you'd like to cover in the session.

Rescue dogs:

Some need help settling in, and some need help to overcome specific problems. Contact Sarah for details.

Owner-taught helper dogs:

If you would like your pet dog to become a helper for you or another family member, in an 'unofficial' capacity, these sessions will give you a head-start in your training. These sessions are also helpful if you would like your dog to become a Pets As Therapy (PAT) dog one day.

Cost and details

These sessions are 45 minutes long, and cost £45. Payment can be via bank transfer in advance, or cash/ cheque on the day.

Please contact Sarah for more information, and to book your appointment.

Dog Training Classes

Puppy Obedience Class

Leigh Village Hall.

Fridays, 10am-11am.

For fully vaccinated puppies and young dogs aged 3-8 months.

Covers: basic obedience, socialisation, common puppy problems, and some fun stuff too!

(Leigh Village Hall is near Tonbridge. If using a sat nav use the postcode for the Fleur de Lis pub which is very close:TN11 8RL. Parking can be tricky, please park down side roads or around the green - give yourself enough time to walk to the hall, and for your dog to have a wee, before the class starts.)

Classes are 1 hour, and cost £12 per class.

Please contact Sarah to book your place.

Things to bring: a completed registration form (below); a towel/ bed for your puppy to settle on during class; a non-squeaky chew toy; a short lead (i.e. not an extendable one); and a plentiful supply of small, tasty food treats.

Outdoor Obedience Class: control and focus

Tonbridge sports ground (near the swimming pool).

Tuesdays, 10.30-11.15am.

For all ages of dog, from pups to oldies.

This class is for sociable dogs only. If your dog is nervous or defensive around other dogs or people, you will need to book one-to-one sessions first.

Covers: paying attention, coping with distractions, loose lead walking, recall, obedience. Plus some fun stuff like tricks and agility.

Classes are 45 mins, and cost £10 per class.

Please contact Sarah to book your place.

Things to bring: both a short lead and a long one (either an extendable one or a long training line); a big supply of tasty food treats; a non-squeaky tug toy if your dog likes to tug; and water for your dog if you think they will need it. You will need to bring a completed registration form (below) to your first class.

Contact Sarah

You can email Sarah at:

or text, or leave a voicemail message on her phone:

07805 855069


Both PDF and Word versions are below. Printing off PDF works well if you are filling it out by hand, but if you're going to be emailing the form back to Sarah, you'll need to use the Word version. If you would prefer Sarah to send you the form via email or post, please contact her.

Dog registration form.pdf Dog registration form.pdf
Size : 121.641 Kb
Type : pdf
Dog registration form.docx Dog registration form.docx
Size : 18.867 Kb
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Form for Canine Behaviour Consultations.pdf Form for Canine Behaviour Consultations.pdf
Size : 167.035 Kb
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Canine Behaviour Consultation Form.docx Canine Behaviour Consultation Form.docx
Size : 24.644 Kb
Type : docx

Pet Training Information

Sarah has worked with many animals over the years from llamas to bearded dragons, and has trained dogs, cats, horses and some very talented chickens! She's been running her training and behaviour business for ten years.

Sarah's Books

'Help! My Dog Has Issues' is available on as a paperback or eBook.

'How to Cope with your Puppy or Young Dog' is available on Amazon as a paperback or eBook.

Sarah's Training philosophy

To help our pets, whether that's dogs, cats, horses or smaller pets, we first need to help ourselves. That's why training sometimes doesn't work on it's own. It's a frustrating aspect of life to realise that we have to change ourselves, in order to change those around us, whether that's people or animals.

Taking time to understand an animal's behaviour is very important, but that applies to your own behaviour as well. Your pet isn't able of tell you why they're acting the way they are: you have to do some detective work, and change some of the things you're doing. You can't force them to be perfect, in the same way that others cannot force you to be perfect. But if you can change, then you can cause your dog/ horse to change too. The key is discovering how to do that.

Sarah will help you discover the causes of your pet's behaviour, and guide you towards solutions that will make life easier (and hopefully more rewarding), for both you and your pet. Because all things in life are connected, Sarah may also take a more holistic approach, for example looking into diet and routines, and the relationship between you and your pet. This is why Sarah sometimes calls herself an 'animal behaviour life coach'.

DogTraining advice

You can find some 'quick guides' to dog training on the Help! My Dog Has Issues page, as well as the YouTube videos Sarah has made. More will be available soon!