Help! My Dog Has Issues

Available from as a paperback or eBook.

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Sarah's book about dog behaviour and training will help you to understand your dog, and your own behaviour too. It will guide you on your journey to improving your dog's behaviour, through creating lasting changes, rather than relying on quick fixes.

'Help! My Dog Has Issues'  is split into three parts:

- Understanding Our Dogs

- Understanding Ourselves

- Finding Solutions

"This is a gem of a book for anyone with a dog, or even thinking about getting a dog. Sensitively written, Sarah really helps you see the world from your dogs point of view as well as your own, making understanding their behaviour so much easier, shedding light on problems which otherwise can be difficult to figure out. Great practical advice on finding a way forward for you and your dog. Highly recommended!"


Help! My Dog Has Issues - 2nd Edition

This book is in the process of being written - until then the original version (above) will remain available as a paperback and eBook. The second edition will include more information about specific issues such as lead aggression and separation anxiety.

It will also include more about puppy behaviour and training, by incorporating Sarah's mini-book 'How to Cope with Your Puppy or Young Dog' - currently still available as a paperback and eBook (see below).

How to Cope with your Puppy or Young Dog: 

a short guide to their behaviour and training.

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Living with a puppy or young dog can be a rewarding and exciting time; it can also be full of anxiety and stress.

This short guide covers information on general behaviour, and how early training and careful management can prevent common behaviour issues developing.

Quick Guides to Dog Training

Sarah has written these as a companion to 'Help! My Dog Has Issues' to help you train your dog, and also to help you make a plan for improving their behaviour. They work best once you have a basic understanding of what upsets and motivates dogs, and how our behaviour can sometimes get in the way. 

Quick guide to recall.pdf Quick guide to recall.pdf
Size : 191.996 Kb
Type : pdf
Quick guide to fetch.pdf Quick guide to fetch.pdf
Size : 190.773 Kb
Type : pdf
Quick guide to loose lead walking.pdf Quick guide to loose lead walking.pdf
Size : 189.321 Kb
Type : pdf

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