Keep thinking about this strange obsession mum has about my poo. I know us dogs like a good sniff, but she puts it in a bag and holds it for ages. She usually gets bored with it after a while and drops it in a bin. But sometimes she even takes it in the car with us after a walk. I know I have to eliminate, but that's no reason to make the car smell. Humans are so strange.


Knole Park, Sevenoaks.  Bit hot for walking really, but lots to watch from a shady lookout spot under a tree.  Had to stay on lead which was a little unfair, I'd have given the deer a headstart (honestly...possibly); but mum mentioned something about 'Fenton' and how embarrassing it would be.  Plenty of deer poo to sniff.  Met a handsome black lab, thin and muscly, and all dog (if you know what I mean).  I did a bit of flirting, and he weed on a tree, so all good.

Chartwell.  I'd been looking forward to going as it's famous for bulldogs and cats.  Did see a cat in the end, a big fluffy black one.  Maybe he'd taken over from the ginger one?  I could have said hello (chased him) but mum said I just had to watch.  Plenty of dogs, but no bulldogs.  We shared a pastry.  Wasn't allowed to talk to (chase) the black swans.  You win some you lose some.